My aim is to help people find ways to keep fit and well that they can incorporate into their normal lives.

Perhaps you have a demanding job, maybe involving lots of desk work or driving – I know how hard it can be to include exercise and healthy eating in a busy life.  Maybe you lack the confidence to try out new activities, or feel just too weary or stressed or that it just “isn’t me”.  Maybe you have a lot of family responsibilities too, so that you don’t prioritise your own wellbeing?  If any of those apply to you, I can help.

I am a qualified personal trainer working in Oxford with a broad range of clients with very different starting points and goals.  I am especially interested in working with late starters, reluctant exercisers and those who face particular challenges in keeping fit.

Body confidence

Do you feel the pressure of modern society, that makes slimness, fitness and youthfulness feel like a duty?  I try to take a different view – I am interested in taking the pressure off and exploring how strong, supple, and energetic we need to be to live our real lives – and then finding ways to meet our own goals.  I often include personal coaching and mentoring within my fitness work, as I believe change is more likely to last if mind, body and feelings all work together.

I believe all kinds of shapes and looks can be admirable and beautiful.  Fitness should not be about trying to conform to stereotypes but about looking after our bodies so they work well.  This might lead us to aim to achieve a goal in particular sport, but it might just as well be about having the energy, strength and flexibility to lead the life we want.

I am based in Oxford and happy to work with women and men within a 10 mile radius.  I love using our glorious outdoor spaces – along the river, our many parks, Shotover, Port Meadow etc, – as well as working in my clients’ own homes.

Please click on any of the tabs to find out more about how I work, and use the contact link if you would like to discuss your specific interests.